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Must-Have Tools that Increase Productivity

We’re all under insurmountable pressure to increase productivity and pack more things into an already busy day. This is true whether you have an employer or work for yourself. But think about how much time you lose on things like the back and forth over email when trying to schedule lunch or meeting with a client.

I’m constantly looking for ways to maximize my day and automate as many tasks as possible.

Here are top tools and apps that are sure to help you increase productivity:


Asana: Get a Handle of your Projects and To Do List

Asana LogoAsana, a collaborative project management software, helps you manage your personal and professional projects. It’s used by large and small businesses, and it’s nice that the free version supports up to 15 team members. I use Asana to keep track of all my tasks and keep them from cluttering my work and personal calendars. Though I prefer the calendar separation, you have the option to sync your tasks with Google calendar or iCal. Asana’s interface is easy to use and lets you set recurring items, view all of your tasks as a list or as a calendar, and schedule follow ups. Reduce the Time it Takes to Set up Meetings LogoUse this free online appointment scheduler to reduce the time it takes organize a meeting with a client.  Rather than consulting with my calendar and typing my availability into the email, lets me pick three blocks of time and automatically inserts them into my note. The recipient picks one of those times and updates everyone’s calendar. Brilliant! It gets better: automatically detects and converts time zones for each participant. How’s that for efficiency and increasing productivity?


: Save Articles you Want to Read Later

Pocket LogoBetween meetings, answering emails, and spending time with the people we love, who has time to read or watch every fascinating piece of content we come across? With its beautiful, Pinterest-style interface, Pocket allows you to save and sync articles you find on Twitter, Flipboard, or anywhere on the web to all of your devices to read later. I especially love that I can actually read them offline, say on a plane.


: Manage your Passwords

Dashlane Logo

In theory we all know that we should use different passwords for all of our services to avert hackers. But who has the bandwidth to remember 20 or more complicated passwords? Dashlane, a password manager, offers a simple, clean, and secure way to store your passwords–and it works across devices! Dashlane encrypts your stored passwords and will auto-generate passwords if you’re lacking creativity on that front. A nice addition is that Dashlane saves receipts for purchases made on a desktop.


Zapier: Automate Tasks

Zapier LogoZapier connects your frequently-used web apps, so that you can easily move data and streamline your tasks. For example, you can set up an integration with Twitter and Google Drive that automatically adds information of new followers into a specified spreadsheet. You can do the same for LinkedIn, too. You can also set Zapier up to automatically save attachments to your Google Drive or Dropbox.



What are some of your go-to tools for increasing productivity?

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