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Madrid’s StreetXO Seriously Blew My Mind

I’d go back to Madrid for StreetXO alone. Yup, it’s that good.
The music hits you first, then the modern open kitchen in the middle of the dining floor. You instinctively move to the beat of the music as you take in the grungy décor, not to mention the graffiti-inspired “StreetXO” logo proudly emblazoned above the bar.

Stepping into StreetXO will prove to be as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the tongue. It’s hard to remember that you’re on the ninth floor of a department store as you eat some of the most delicious and creative fusion cuisine ever. It’s an eclectic setting meant to evoke quick and vibrant street food culture.

The experience is akin to being in the secret basement kitchen of a cool and carefree street punk who just so happens to have Michelin stars under his belt. That’s partly true. StreetXO is the brainchild of 34-year-old chef David Muñoz, who holds three Michelin stars for his Madrid restaurant DiverXo.

Seated around the bar, there was never a dull moment with all the chefs preparing dishes right before our eyes, with the occasional giant flame adding a dramatic flair. We were equally wowed by the fusion of flavors on our plates.

StreetXO's Pad Thai PaellaStreetXO's Smoked Razor Clam

Here’s what I had at StreetXO

Almost a Calamari Roll

Pad Thai Paella

Smoked Razor Clams


Chili Crab “Pimenton de la Vera”


Should you find yourself in Madrid, StreetXO is a must-do. Or, given the theatrics, perhaps we should say it’s a must-see!


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