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Corporate Blogs that Get Content

Many corporate blogs are still working on mastering the balancing act of producing beautiful and useful content while promoting services or goods. Brands that don’t prioritize their corporate blog’s design, user experience, storytelling, or producing useful content will fail.

Asking a busy reader to navigate a clunky website or to read a press release is just unfair. Think about the threshold for quality you have for sharing content on your social media networks. It’s pretty high, right?

While there are plenty of bad corporate blogs out there, below are examples of blogs should inspire your content strategy.


Amtrak’s blog offers readers answers to burning questions about what it’s like to experience the sleeper car or information about its generous baggage policy. It does it nicely through posts and videos. However, you might also stumble upon Amtrak’s blog by Googling recommendations for your next vacation or best places to eat in New Orleans. By functioning much like a travel magazine, in this respect, Amtrak’s blog becomes a useful tool for the reader. The blog also gives curious readers behind-the-scene posts like what happens inside Chicago’s control center that help humanize the brand.


Any time a brand manages to make geeky information consumer-friendly cool, they are a winner in my book. IBM’s Tumblr works well because it showcases the company’s talent and longstanding roots in innovation in a playful, informative, and concise way. IBMlr nicely mixes videos, photos, infographics, and GIFs to get the point across.  Even if you are not in the market to buy Watson, you can still be a fan.

GE Reports

Sure you’re not looking to buy a General Electric jet engine or a 4D Ultrasound machine. But as a consumer, that’s not a requisite to get engrossed in GE Reports, GE’s Tumblr. Whether it’s a post about how GE is doing its part to help fight ebola (notice how GE’s name doesn’t appear until the fourth paragraph) to showing expecting parents what doctors can see with its 4D Ultrasound machines, the company is selective about the visuals, words, and not bombarding the reader by mentioning GE in every sentence.

What other corporate blogs are good examples of brands that understand content? 

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